Wild Rose Duck Call

A duck call designed specifically for womenWild Rose Womens Duck Call - Duck call for girls

Finally, a call female waterfowl enthusiasts can be proud to call their own!  The definitively female exterior of this call may poke a bit of fun at the establishment, but on the inside it's all business.

Sporting a shortened barrel and armed with the KD2 notched tip reed, this call is quick to learn and easy to blow.  Once its in the field the power of this call is realized quickly.  Ducks find the raspy quack almost irresistible.

CRS Compatible - 5 Different Reeds

KumDuck CRS Changeable Reed SystemAdd the optional KumDuck CRS reed package to ensure that you will have the right option for any hunting environment.

With 5 different styles of reeds to choose from you'll find yourself able to easily adjust the call to any hunting situation from open water to field to timber hunting. .

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Wild Rose Duck Call for Girls