Kumduck Kid

Kids easily learn to mimic a natural duck quack using the special notched-tip reed.
Make a family trip to the nearest duck pond, city park, or wildlife refuge and listen to the ducks. Ducks make different sounds. Watch and listen, as they are land on the water, feed on bugs, just hang out, or get ready to fly. Learn to imitate to the variety of sounds and you’ve got it. Great fun for kids of all ages!
The lanyard clips on clothing and eliminates a cord hanging around the neck.

Wild Rose

Pink symbolizes determination and courage. Here’s your chance, ladies. Hike up your camo pants and show them how it’s done. This call was designed to help novice callers learn the natural duck sound quickly. The special notched-tip reed produces a great quack with little effort, now that’s an advantage!

The Natural

“KumDuck calls sounds like a duck.” Our customers tell us this over and over and we agree. The Natural is a shorter version of the Legend and produces the same signature KumDuck natural sound. The Natural is a great value for the price. Buy two, oneyou’re your personal use and one for your buddy so he quits asking to use yours!

The Legend

The first KumDuck duck call was produced in 1950. The “old green call” was a legend and 58 years later, we still hear stories from hunters who continue use their original call. In 2004, we digitized old calls that were still true in sound and were close to the original in material integrity. A new mold was then produced to bring back the solid reputation of the “old green call.”
Hunters won’t part with their old calls and the memories that come with them. Whether you dug your KumDuck call out of the mud left by hurricane Katrina (see testimonials) or ran over it with a big truck and broke only the stem, we guarantee the advantage of this call is durability and longevity.

The NeoClassic

Dare to be different. An amber-colored reed sets off the translucent, acrylic barrel and plastic stem to give this call a unique look. A special proprietary coating allows moisture to shed more quickly from the reed. The great sound produced by the NeoClassic a favorite of many hunters.

Retro Woods

Popular opinion is that beautiful, wood duck calls take special care.
Until now, that is. . . KumDuck has solved the problem and has given you the advantage! Say goodbye to lost or loose stems and wet wood.
Our patented synthetic collar allows the stem to consistently slide into the wood barrel. Glued with epoxy, this collar and stem combo provides a tight fit and eliminates lost stems.

KumDuck Retro Woods duck calls are hand-turned, laser engraved and finished with weatherproof clear epoxy.

Do you ever feel your wood call doesn’t quite reach out far enough for the birds to hear?
KumDuck has a patented brass insert that amplifies the sound and gets the attention of birds in all types of weather and at long distances. Additionally, the annealed brass insert is polished to minimize tarnishing and provides an additional moisture barrier inside the chamber.

Made in USA. All parts are manufactured and assembled in Oregon.