Duck & Goose Calling Classes

KumDuck Duck Calling ClassLearn to call with KumDuck

Jim May, owner of KumDuck calls, presents interactive duck & goose calling courses designed to improve your hunting success.  Each class includes basic & advances duck calling instruction, plus goose calling.  All classes are tailored to accommodate hunters in attendance.  There is no charge for the classes.

Check for upcoming dates and locations.  You may register online here, by email or give us a call at 503-871-9239.

Interested in hosting a class?  If you can round up a group of people interested in becoming better callers give us a call!

KumDuck Duck & Goose Calling Class

The basic duck calling skills taught are perfect for those hunters just starting out calling or for those that want to improve upon basic duck calling skills.

Topics Covered:
• Call Tuning.
• How to hold a duck call properly.
• Practice the basic Quack.
• Change the tone of the call to mimic the sounds produced by a real hen mallard.
• Practice proper cadence of the Hail Call and the Contented Chatter or Chuckle Call.

You may use a KumDuck call for the class. The call will be fitted with the proper reed best suited to your ability and calling style. KumDuck is the only company to offer a choice of six different patented reeds.

Advanced duck calling skills will take your calling ability to the next level. Learn to make the right call at the right time.

“Duck language” includes:
• Hail Call
• Greeting Call
• Comeback Call
• Pleading Hen Call
• Force Call
• Chuckle

Additional topics covered:
• Call whistling ducks such as Pintail, Widgeon and Teal.
• Decoy placement
• Duck identification
• Weather and wind

Goose calling with the KumDuck short-reed goose call

You may use a KumDuck call for the class. This exceptional goose call is like no other. Fitted with a brass insert and special reed system, the KumDuck goose call is amazing easy to blow.

Topics Covered:
• Tuning
•Changing the pitch of the call to fit different species
•Learning the "cluck" and "hail"