KumDuck Legend Duck Call

KumDuck Legend Hen Mallard Duck CallThe KumDuck Legend is where it all started.  This classic Mallard Duck Call is a tribute to its original inventor, Gordon Halsten.  Virtually unchanged since the 1950's, the tooling was updated in 2005 to make this call more consistent than ever.

Some original KumDuck Green versions of this call are still in service today and with reed replacements we expect them to be for some time to come.  These calls have an almost cult like following amongst those duck hunters lucky enough to have one.

Known for its legendary non fouling reliability, consistency and ease of use, the Legend is still one of our most popular duck calls today.  Thanks to its KD1 straight reed, the call produces a full range of natural duck sounds from screaming hail calls to coaxing come back calls to feed chuckles.  Its almost universally effective, having been proven time and time again on waterfowl around the world.  Very realistic duck call sounds!

Experienced callers generally hit the ground running with the Legend, and the subtleties that can be achieved with the KD1 straight single reed make this a devastating call in their hands.  For less experienced callers, we recommend adding the KumDuck Changeable Reed System pack or upgrading to the Neoclassic which includes the CRS.

CRS Compatible - 5 Different Reeds

KumDuck CRS Changeable Reed SystemAdd the optional KumDuck CRS reed package to ensure that you will have the right option for any hunting environment.

With 5 different styles of reeds to choose from you'll find yourself able to easily adjust the call to any hunting situation from open water to field to timber hunting.  Looking for a raspy duck call? 

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