Retro Woods Duck Calls

Custom Wood Single Reed Duck Call Conditions are perfect for a great day of duck hunting and you’ve been waiting to sweet talk the ducks in with your vintage hardwood duck call. Then, you discover that the call swelled from yesterday’s rain making it difficult to tune. Or, the call dried out from its summer ride on the truck’s dash and the stem fell out. A perfect day ruined! Well, no more. . .

KumDuck has found a way for you to enjoy the day from dawn to dusk.  Our new line of Retrowoods calls reproduce a mallard hen call consistently in any conditions.

Each call is hand tuned, laser engraved and finished with two coats of weatherproof clear epoxy. KumDuck’s patented stem slides into a synthetic collar which is glued to the wooden barrel with epoxy. The process provides a tight fit and eliminates lost stems.

Show Your Style with our handmade hardwood duck calls

Retrowoods hardwood duck calls Retrowoods duck calls are available in a variety of fine hardwoods.  After the calls are sanded and polished we apply 2 coats of weatherproof epoxy to enhance the beautiful wood grain and protect the call for life.  We currently offer Dogwood, Dymondwood in Brown or Green, Pacific Madrone Burl, Mountain Mahogany, Maple Burl, Oregon Myrtlewood, Olive wood, and Purpleheart.

Calls can be custom laser engraved with your name or business logo.

Brass Tube - Call in more ducks from a distance

wood duck call insert Have you ever felt like you couldn't get enough projection for open water duck calling with your wood call?  Most callers prefer the rich, warm tones produced by a wood duck call, but they often wish they could get those hail calls out there like the acrylic calls can. 

KumDuck's patented Brass Tube is the solution.  As an optional upgrade to any of our Retrowoods calls, the Brass Tube will liven up those high volume hail calls without compromising your ability to soft talk those greenheads right down to the water.

KumDuck CRS Included - 5 Different Reeds

Custom Duck Call ReedsEach call is equipped with the KumDuck CRS reed package to ensure that you will have the right option for any hunting environment.

With 5 different styles of reeds to choose from you'll find yourself able to easily adjust the call to any hunting situation from open water to field to timber hunting. 

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