Lewis Bays Wood Duck Call

Lewis Bays, a dedicated wildlife biologist and conservationist, has spent a lifetime studying ducks. He knows their sounds, behaviors, and reactions. Mr. Bays was the Director of the Mississippi Game and Fish Commission and later a wildlife specialist for Delta Waterfowl.

Mr. Bays attended Delta State in 1940-42 and 46-47, serving four years in the Army during WWII.  He then went on to Ole Miss where he received a Masters degree in Biology.
He lives in Cleveland, Mississippi and is interested in waterfowl conservation and telling his grandson about the “good old days.”

Bays Call Wood DucksThe Bays Call was born out of necessity in the 60's when Lewis found that there wasn't a satisfactory product on the market designed to lure the elusive wood duck.  After lots of experimentation and refinements, the Bays Call was born.  It's effective on wood ducks, widgeon, and pintails and it can also be used in conjunction will mallard calls and widgeon whistles to help pull in call shy mallards.

After twenty years of manufacturing the call, Lewis passed the torch on to the next generation.  The Bays Calls tradition is carried on today by Lewis' son and grandson who still meticulously handcraft Bays Calls one at a time.

Bays Duck CallOne of the unique features of this call is that it can be used hands free, so you can call the ducks right into the water with your shotgun in hand.  Each handcrafted call is shipped out with an instructional pamphlet and a demo cd that should get you up to speed in short order.


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