Short Reed Goose Call

KumDuck Goose Call KumDuck customer's have long been requesting a goose call with the same characteristics and using the same technology as the Retro Woods duck call.

Rather than rush a product to market to meet the need, we spent several years in development and field testing to ensure we put out a product that we can be proud of.  We can finally say that we are proud of it and you will be too if you give it a try!    

Only The Finest Hardwoods

The KumDuck Short Reed Goose call is offered in both Myrtle wood and Mountain Mahogany. Myrtle wood and Mountain Mahogany represent some of the best woods for musical instruments. Their extremely dense composition translates into consistent reproduction of bright tones in the goose blind.  Our calls are each hand turned out of cured blocks of wood on our custom duplicating lathe. 

The Patent Pending KumDuck Brass Insert

KumDuck Goose Call with Brass InsertBrass is unmatched as a conductor of pure sound vibrations and transfers tones like no other material. Our annealed brass insert is polished to minimize tarnishing and provides an additional moisture barrier inside the chamber.

An Unbeatable Combination

Combining these melodic hardwoods with KumDuck's patent-pending brass insert creates a goose call that amplifies sound and gets the attention of birds in all types of weather and at long distances.

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