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At KumDuck our mission is to deliver the best duck calls that money can buy.  We strive to exceed your expectations for product quality, service and support.  Nothing makes us happier than positive customer feedback.

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David Meholovitch - Southern CA

Dave Meholovitch duck hunting with his KumDuck Duck Call "Puts them on the water fast"

Duck hunting on public land in Southern California is not easy. Whether I am hunting the open water of the Salton Sea or the ponds of the state wildlife areas, space is limited and there is enormous pressure.

I don’t have the luxury of time. To be successful I have to get the birds committed to my spread and do it quickly. The KumDuck Call works and it’s a value. It is easy to blow for the novice and it will do everything an advance caller would expect from a duck call.

Roger Reynolds - Guide, Spokane, WA

Roger Reynolds Duck Outfitter with KumDuck Call "Hunting with a KumDuck since the 1950s"

The KumDuck is a “get down and dirty” call for use in the swamp where ducks expect to hear ducks.

The KumDuck is a duck call that poses no restrictions on how good you want to get.

John Muselle - Scottsdale, AZ

John Muessle Hail Call "KumDuck has a distinct advantage"

I began hunting ducks in 1958 at the age of fourteen and was intrigued by the challenge and art of persuading ducks to "decoy" with the help of a call. Early efforts to mimic accomplished callers were not always successful; I did share with them an overwhelming preference for the KumDuck call.

Over the years, curiosity has prompted me to try other popular and more expensive calls but not even one has ever been able to earn a place on my "A" lanyard. Even to this day, I have not found another that can produce the KumDuck's variety of tones and unique, seductive rasp.

Almost fifty years of hunting have convinced me that either a novice or veteran caller, using a KumDuck, has a distinct, definite advantage over anyone of similar ability using any other call. While I have hunted primarily in Washington County, Oregon and on Sauvies Island, in Oregon, most of my life, there have been occasional hunts in Nebraska, Louisiana and Arizona, with equally satisfactory results ... even taking limits from cornfields without the benefit of any decoys, only my KumDuck call!

KumDuck’s manufacturing improvements have remedied the need to test a store's inventory to find that "perfect" KumDuck. The twenty-first century production duplicates that distinct KumDuck quack in each and every new call, with reed-fracture a thing of the past.

Kudos to KumDuck!

Capt Ray Bellant, USN (ret) - Louisiana

KumDuck Calls Ducks in Argentina "My KumDuck just won't quit!"

You can see the old green KumDuck call hanging on the lanyard. I bought the KumDuck call that I still use today in 1972 when I was 15 and learning to hunt at Sauvie's Island near Portland. At $6, I think I have gotten my money's worth many, many times over. These are tough calls also; the toughest. I've packed this one around the world and cannot hurt it. I also dug it out of the mud after Hurricane Katrina (where I lost the extra reeds I had), and it was the only one of several calls that worked even before I washed it up and adjusted it. Only two others ever worked again and they aren't as good as they were. This KumDuck just won't quit.

I've used the same call all over the world, having recently retired as a Navy pilot. I have used it in Australia, Korea, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Canada, South America and in about 19 states. Despite having many, many calls over this 25 year period, the KumDuck is the only one that has lasted more than a few years and it blows as well or better than any of them, several many times more expensive than your calls are today. Whether it is mallards, divers or gadwalls (the most prevalent big duck here in Louisiana ), or even a lot of foreign ducks, you can easily tune the old reeds to out call the other calls. With the new serrated reeds, it will even be easier and more versatile. Thanks for carrying on this line!

This picture was on June, 2007 out of Lincoln, Argentina . What a great trip and the call just killed those southern ducks (and I mean waaayyy southern!). The new reeds worked exceptionally well. In all seriousness, I have used tons of calls. I cannot think of anything that lasts and is as durable and reliable as yours!

Tony Risso - Mountain View, CA

"The best call ever made"

KumDuck has really hit upon something. With Excellent tone and sound that would lure in even the most cautious of ducks, and a price that would make most hunters wonder why they spent hundreds of dollars for a call that doesn't even sound half as good, KumDuck calls are the best I have ever heard (and I guarantee that the ducks would agree). I have been able to sucker in mallards that wouldn't even bat an eye at other spreads or callers. I have used this call to call in gadwalls like you would not believe.

If you buy only one call in your life, this should be the one! I use to have an old Harry Boyle call for years, which was similar in design to KumDuck, but unfortunately, it would blow a sour note ever now and then. When it is critical that every note counts, the KumDuck calls deliver. I first learned about this call when my brother won one at a hunting expo. At first, I was skeptical, but when I finally had to end up not blowing my call for fear of a sour note, and he continued with his call that was so reassuring to the ducks, I was sold. So go out there and treat yourself with probably the best duck call out on the market! I did, and I will never regret it, unless I leave it at home when I go to the blind.