Custom Duck Calls & Goose Calls

KumDuck Legendary Duck Calls

American Classic Duck Calls

An entire generation of duck hunters has carried one of these classic calls on their lanyard at one time or another.  Learn a bit about the designers and the flyways these calls were built to dominate.

While no collection is complete without them , these calls are much more than a nostalgic conversation piece!  Their sweet, subtle tones still hold up with any call on the market today and they may just make the difference on bringing the ducks in to your blind this season!

New Decoy Stake-Call for Info

The KumDuck Whistle

KumDuck Whistle New KumDuck Whistle

The new KumDuck Whistle is a versatile call that can make a wide variety of whistles. It offers excellent performance for:
Mallard drake

The KumDuck Goose Call

KumDuck Goose Call Short Reed Goose Call

You asked for it; we delivered!

Read all about our new goose call here.

Its based on the same KumDuck technology that you already know and trust, but completely re-designed for honkers.

We plan on offering calling classes for geese as well as ducks this fall, so shoot us an email if you are in the Pacific Northwest and interested in attending.