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About Us


Gordon Halsten, Beaverton, Oregon, designed a tapered vortex barrel and unique curved soundboard that laid the foundation to build a duck call that sounds like a duck. The KumDuck was one of the earliest plastic duck calls.

Elsie Halsten, Gordons wife, placed third in the Pacific Flyways Duck calling Contest; Gordon placed sixth.

Gordon won the Pacific Coast champion using his widely popular KumDuck.

Gordon won the Oregon State Duck Calling Competition.

Gordon Halsten passed away.

Elsie continued to produce KumDuck duck calls until she sold the company to Gordons nephew, Bob Whitworth. (Bob passed away in January 2006)

Jim May, Rickreall, Oregon purchased KumDuck. The original mould could no longer produce uniform, quality duck calls. Recognizing how crucial the original design was to the perfect sound, the original soundboard was digitally reverse engineering and a mould was created to mass-produce duck calls to the high expectations of KumDuck customers.

The original KumDuck polycarbonate reeds were prone to fatigue and break after successive, vigorous blowing. To resolve the problem the new reeds are manufactured from flexible polyester, which improves the sound and eliminates breakage.

New serrated reeds, patent pending, are produced. Each reed pattern slightly changes the tone of the call to create the raspy sound of a hen mallard. The serrations enable the beginner or novice caller to learn quickly to imitate the perfect sound with very little effort. In addition, a coating of high quality of Dichroic applied material strengthens the reed and eliminates moisture build.

KumDuck, LLC is proud to have recreated the popular duck call without diminishing the reputation and quality.